Custom Toyota Camry In Simple White Car Paint and Lower Look

Racing Sportscar

Custom Toyota Camry above is modified as the street car just in simple white car paint and touch with lower look. If I think about it, I enjoyed to see the art of this simple sedan custom. She the nice custom wheel and tire lips of this car.

All this time, I like to see this car from the side, this Camry rear light look elegant, lowered custom and the wheel which has been selected make this car be the center of attention. If you have this vehicle at home you can try this idea. I hope if you try it don't ignore about this car manual.
Above you can see another custom Lowered Camry in different model, custom front bumper, splitter, and the grill is covered with white car paint. Star wheel model and flat tire make this car look perfect, but I didn't see the rear spoiler. Well this custom is designed in simple look I guess.
For whatever reason, different character is also showed by this one, black custom grills, standard look bumper, and black aluminum wheel look nice at this Camry sports car sedan modified, this is the best cheap simple car modified.

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  1. what rims are those in the last photo black and white aluminum