Best Modified Car Racing Custom Black Honda Fit Body Kit

Racing Sportscar
black honda fit model

Honda Fit is the best city car that give you several effective functionality, you can choose between manual or automatic transmission, then I also like this Honda exterior model. Here you will see the best look of custom Honda fit as a street racing car that is designed base on black and flat black or mate black color car paint, I think additional car insurance is recommended.

Custom front bumper is designed with red line border, the engine hood is covered with mate black carbon look. I see at the front look then I find small custom sticker on this Honda fit front glass. This Black Honda fit got customization at the front bumper and rear bumper with additional wide material.

custom black honda fit, modified honda fit racing

If you choose used Honda Fit, you can apply this custom modified to make this Honda used car look better. Red color and sticker  custom is also added at this car side door. At the rear view I see simple rear car racing spoiler on this Honda Fit body kit.